Lawn Care Company in Rowley: Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization


Greener Solutions customized this approach of incorporating organic material, fertilizer and pest control to achieve maximum results for your lawn. With routine turf diagnostic assessments throughout the season, your lawn care technician will evaluate your lawns needs, recommend solutions and use appropriate  cultural and product controls when needed.  

Greener solutions is a lawn care company in Rowley, MA. 

Limestone Treatments

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When soil is acidic (low pH), fertilizer gets “locked up” and grass plants have trouble absorbing nutrients. This can lead to a lawn that is thin and off-color, with too many weeds and undesirable grasses.

Greener Solutions offers a soil testing service that measures pH. If a low pH condition exists in your property’s soil, we can help with an application of lime. Limestone will “sweeten” the soil, raising the pH to a level that encourages optimum turf grass growth and improved uptake of fertilizer. This will result in a thicker, greener lawn with much less competition from weeds and crabgrass. 

Weeds & Crabgrass Control


Left untreated, weeds and crabgrass can crowd out the desirable grass that you want to have growing in your lawn. Not only will this lead to unhealthy turf, but it will detract from the looks of your property as well.

Greener Solutions can monitor your lawn for troublesome weeds during your scheduled visits. With pre-emergent treatments, we can help to suppress seed formation and seed germination. And with post-emergent treatments, we can keep dandelions and other broadleaf weeds such as clover, spurge and knotweed from gaining a foothold in your turf. 


Vegetation Control

Unwanted plant materials growing along driveways, sidewalks, fence lines and building foundations can seriously detract from your property’s curb appeal. To maintain your landscape’s good looks, Greener Solutions offers vegetation control treatments to keep undesirable plants from growing where   

they shouldn’t be. 


Poison Ivy Treatment

Poison ivy is a nuisance because it contains a chemical that can cause the skin of persons sensitive to it to develop a red, itchy rash and even erupt in blisters. Urushiol is the active ingredient in poison ivy that causes the rash and irritation. If you’ve ever had poison ivy, you know how irritating it can be.

Poison ivy has three pointed, green leaves that turn red in the fall. It usually grows as a climbing vine, but can also grow as a groundcover. If you think poison ivy may be growing on your property, be sure to let us know. Our lawn services technicians can provide poison ivy treatments to keep it under control. 

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Soil Analysis

Not all soils are created equal. In fact, soil is a constantly changing ecosystem of its own. Nutrient levels in the soil can become diminished due to plant use through nutrient uptake.

The best way to determine if your soil is supplying the required nutrients for healthy plant growth is to perform a soil test. Through soil sample and testing, we can measure the current fertility status of your soil. This lets us know what nutrients may or may not need to be added to the soil to help it foster growth.

One of the main soil properties that is indicated on a soil test report is the pH level. Most turf grasses, flowers and ornamental shrubs grow best in soil with a pH level between 6.1 and 6.9 (slightly acid). Soils with a pH level below this range will benefit from the addition of limestone. If the pH level is above this range, aluminum sulfate may need to be added.

Other soil properties that can be tested for include organic content and available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels. By testing your soil on a periodic basis, we can provide your lawn and landscape with the ideal nutrient amounts for proper growth. 

Recognize Lawn Disease

There are many lawn diseases and fungi that can affect the health of your lawn