What Is Tree & Shrub Care?

Tree and Shrub Health Care is the process of preventative treatments for your trees, shrubs and plants to ensure their strength and vitality. Pests, nutritional deficiencies and physical agents are factors of failing health of your plants, Greener Solutions focuses on prohibiting these pests before symptoms can occur.  

Maintaining trees and shrubs is as much an art as a science. Here is what we offer:


  • Monitoring for a variety of insects and diseases
  • Horticultural oil application to smother pests and overwintering eggs
  • Micronutrient fertilization for complete nutrition
  • Foliar treatments for both insects and diseases
  • Insecticidal soil injections
  • Deep-root fertilization for healthier plants
  • Increased awareness of pollinators ​​

Greener Solutions uses IPM


 "IPM is a pest population management system that utilizes all suitable techniques (biorational, chemical, cultural, fertilization, irrigation, resistant plant varieties, etc.) and information to reduce or manipulate pest populations that are maintained at tolerable levels (meaning a few pests will still be around, including beneficial insects) while providing protection against hazards to humans, domestic animals and earth's environment." 

Winter Protection

Winter cold and winds can be harsh on your landscape. Evergreen trees and shrubs maintain foliage throughout the winter months while they continue to lose moisture. With winter temperature fluctuations, moisture loss and the ground still frozen, transpiration occurs from the needles and leaves, increasing water demand. If the roots cannot keep up with these demands, the needles and leaves start to turn brown and die.

Winter burn or desiccation is a dehydration of the plant due to water loss from the leaves through transpiration. This is caused by long, dry periods of cold and thaw along with winter winds. Some broadleaf evergreens such as holly, rhododendron, mountain laurel and boxwood are even more susceptible to winter drying and long-term damage. An easy way to help prevent winter damage to plants is to apply an anti-desiccant spray to the upper and lower parts of the foliage, before the temperatures drop below freezing and again during a winter thaw.

Anti-desiccant spray is organic and biodegradable. It adds a protective waxy coating to the tops and undersides of the leaves of broadleaf evergreens to help slow the process of transpiration which causes water loss and winter damage. 

Winter Protection

One of our Greener team members spraying plants, shrubs and trees with an anti-desiccant to protect against winter's harsh, dry weather and lock in moisture.