Eco-Green IPM Turf & Soil Management Program

Features and Benefits

Our new Eco-Green IPM Turf & Soil Management Program offers sustained duration fertilizer treatments as well as integrated pest management (IPM) and turf and soil scouting. 

By using this approach we can hone in on exactly what your turf and soil require to reach its optimal health. 

Greener Solutions customized this approach of incorporating organic material, fertilizer and pest control to achieve maximum results for your lawn. With routine turf diagnostic assessments throughout the season, your lawn care technician will evaluate your lawns needs, recommend solutions and use appropriate  cultural and product controls when needed. 

Property Service Visits

  • Initial Turf & Soil Evaluation
  • Soil Sample Collection for Analysis
  • Visit 1 - Spring Lawn Feeding / Crabgrass Supression (Broadleaf Weed Control as Needed) 
  • Visit 2 - Late Spring Turf & Soil Inspection / Broadleaf Weed Control as needed
  • Visit 3 - Early Summer Lawn Feeding with Surface and Sub-Surface Insect Control, Broadleaf and Grassy Weed Control As Needed  
  • Visit 4 - Mid-Summer Turf & Soil Inspection, Broadleaf, Grassy Weed and Surface Insect Control As Needed
  • Visit 5 - Early Fall Lawn Feeding with Soil Amendments, Broadleaf and Grassy Weed Control As Needed

Soil Analysis


Based on soil results, Greener Solutions can recommend specific nutrient inputs at the proper rate to address any deficiencies that may not be addressed within the program.

Greener Solutions selects the leading lawn care products to amend and improve microbial activity within the soil. By doing so this will allow for better uptake of necessary fertilizer macro and micro nutrients.

Aeration & Seeding

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Have you ever wondered why each year it seems tougher to maintain a healthy lawn? 

  *Lawn care in Newburyport and Rowley, MA. We also service all of the North Shore and Seacoast of NH 

We Care About The Products We Use

Recognize Lawn Disease

There are many lawn diseases and fungi that can affect the health of your lawn.